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Tokyo Adachi Roshukai UK

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Glenboig Life Centre
110 Main St, Glenboig
Coatbridge ML5 2RD


Tue 18:45 - 21:15
Thu 18:45 - 21:15


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Our Teachers

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Robert Boyd Sensei, 4th Dan

Robert Sensei began his Iaido journey in 2013, training under Sensei Thomas Peebles at the Glasgow Kensaki Dojo, a venerable institution established in 1973. His tutelage under Sensei Peebles continued until the latter's unexpected retirement. In 2019, Robert Sensei's martial arts path took a new direction as he became a pupil of John Honisz-Greens Sensei. Embracing and adhering to his mentor's teachings, Robert Sensei also integrated his Glasgow Dojo and its students into the distinguished Tokyo Adachi Roshukai group. His dedication to Iaido has led him to Japan, where he trained under the esteemed Honda Masayoshi Jushin Sensei.

Robert Sensei has had the honour of representing his country in the European Iaido championships, competing in Italy (2017) and Poland (2018) as part of the Great Britain Iaido squad. These international competitions were not only a testament to his skill and dedication but also a profound honour. Furthermore, Robert Sensei has consistently excelled at national-level Iaido taikais, achieving medal positions in each event he has participated in.

Under Robert Sensei's leadership, the Glasgow Dojo is a welcoming and inclusive community, drawing members from around the world. Holding a BKA Level 1 coaching certification, Robert Sensei is committed to creating an environment that promotes learning and development, ensuring the Dojo remains a bastion for Iaido enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds.

John Cockburn Senpai

John Cockburn
Senpai, 3rd Dan

Kenny Stewart Senpai

Kenny Stewart
Senpai, 3rd Dan

Our Dojo

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The Dojo was originally formed in 1973 by Sam McKay Sensei and as such is recognised as Scotland’s oldest running Iaido Dojo. It has seen many Dojo leaders since its formation and is now managed by Robert Boyd, who took over the reins in 2017.

Honisz-Greens Sensei with Boyd sensei - Edinburgh 2023 Koryu Koshukai

Honisz-Greens Sensei with Boyd Sensei
Edinburgh 2023 Koryu Koshukai

Glasgow summer 2019

Open air practiice 2019

The Dojo has members coming from all walks of life and nationalities. Members have enjoyed great success in recent years at the UK National Championship and subsequently some members have gone on to represent their Dojo and country at the European Iaido Championship.