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Tokyo Adachi Roshukai UK

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Walpole Hall
St. Mary's Cathedral
Palmerston Pl
Edinburgh, EH12 5AW


Mon 19:00 - 21:00
Thu 19:00 - 21:00


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Our Teachers

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David Smith Sensei, 4th Dan

David Smith Sensei embarked on his Iaido journey upon joining the Edinburgh Dojo in 2013. Initially driven by a childhood fascination with samurai movies, he soon discovered the depth and intricacy of this martial art, far beyond mere swordplay.

Mentored by John Honisz-Greens Sensei and his senior students, Smith Sensei dedicated himself to rigorous training, participating in sessions and seminars both in the UK and internationally. His most enlightening experience to date was a two-week visit to Japan in November 2022, where he trained under the guidance of Honda Sensei at our patron Dojo.

Smith Sensei achieved his yondan on his first attempt in April 2022. Holding a BKA Level 1 coaching certification, he subsequently assumed leadership of the Edinburgh Dojo.

David Hickey Sensei

David Hickey
Sensei, 5th Dan

Shra Senpatrick Senpai

Shra Senpatrick
Senpai, 4th Dan

Ben Crabbe Senpai

Ben Crabbe
Senpai, 3rd Dan

Our Dojo

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There has been an Iaido presence in Edinburgh since around 1986. The Edinburgh Dojo was officially formed in late 2001 by David McLean Sensei, with oversight and support from John Honisz-Greens, who was still living in Japan at that time. Following Honisz-Greens Sensei’s prolonged stay in Japan, McLean Sensei helped develop the club over the following 15 years, before moving full time to the Scottish Borders and opening up his own Dojo in the Borders. In 2022 the relationship between Honisz-Greens Sensei and David McLean Sensei was ended.

Then the Dojo was led by David Hickey Sensei, who began studying Iaido in 2006 and attained the rank of fifth dan in 2018 at first attempt. Hickey Sensei is an active member of the club, but leadership of Tokio Adachi Roshukai Edinburgh is now in the hands of David Smith Sensei, who will attempt his fifth dan in 2026.

BKA Nationals 2018

BKA Nationals 2018

Women practitioners 2024

Women practitioners 2024

The Edinburgh club has a range of student abilities at all levels - from ungraded, first dan, all the way through to fifth dan. It’s a great club with good people and a welcoming atmosphere, in a truly superb location. The Dojo has members coming from all walks of life and nationalities, with members going on to represent their Dojo and country at the European Iaido Championship.