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Tokyo Adachi Roshukai UK

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Ethelwood Community Centre
129 Coast Rd
Pevensey Bay
Pevensey, BN24 6NS


Sun 15:30 - 17:30


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Our Teachers

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Nicholas Bland Sensei, 5th Dan

Nicholas (Nick) Sensei started training in Iaido in 2000 following the advice his late Aikido teacher Gerd Kroell Sensei. As such, Nick Sensei has been under the tutelage of John Honisz-Green Sensei ever since training alongside Andrew Thrower Sensei also from Sussex. The first Sussex Dojo was formed by Nick Sensei and Andrew Sensei in August 2000 in Eastbourne, East Sussex. At that time, Honisz-Greens Sensei was living in Japan and would make regular visits to the UK. During these visits Nick Sensei and Andrew Sensei would arrange intensive study seminars, usually involving more than 25 hours a weekend of floor time, so that the three of them could practise as much as possible whilst Honisz-Greens Sensei was in the UK. Nick Sensei has also visited and trained in Japan.

Nick Sensei had the privilege of being selected to represent Great Britain at the European Iaido Championships held in Paris in 2003. Nick Sensei was also won several Iaido competitions and was a vital team member of the winning team in the first BKA held International Iaido Taikai held in 2003.

In 2009 Andrew Sensei opened a new Dojo near his home in Sompting whilst Nick Sensei remained in Eastbourne and took over as Dojo Leader. The Eastbourne Dojo is both friendly and welcoming. He also holds a BKA Level 1 Coaching Award.